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Eat Your Own Words by starg691

A meaningful photo with dynamic idea and carefull chosen details.

Through the shot, we can feel a little part of the photographer's personality: a bit necessarily 'choosy'. Though the materials used are not at all label-designed, it is not as easy as picking up randomly something in the shop to creat such a brilliant contrast. The plate and the utensils, the table and the shirt; when put together, they give viewers a gentle yet needed annoyance - a useful addition helping convey the message. The tiny well-placed signature and the beautiful lips of the model are nice bonuses that keep the annoyance at a pleasing level.
The word 'regrets' is an excellent choice, in my opinion. Regret(s) is not an easy thing to chew and devour, but nobody can avoid tasting and (HAVE to) try to digest it. What an annoyance!
Please remember there's an 's', and the artist, playfully, sets it upside-down - an effective emphasis!
It's a pity that the lighting is a little weak and pale. And the name of the artwork, honestly, cannot keep up with the stories behind the shot; it's only capable of giving viewers ONE 'thinking direction', while the lips is telling us not only 'eat' but also 'kiss', 'spit', for example.

Have you all find the word(s) you want to try eating, my dear readers?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
38 out of 40 deviants thought this was fair.


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